ordering at couldn't be easier:

simply order 48 hours in advance to ensure your delivery arrives in time for your lunch. order your lunch now! just call (650) 575-0413


is there a minimum order?

there is a minimum order of $1000


weekend orders...

...must meet a minimum of $2000.00 to be processed, unless there's another catering request at similar timeframe and your request can be accommodated. Weekend delivery fees are not the same as weekday delivery fees.


delivery time

We require a minimum half hour window of our arrival time on our deliveries. last minute/same day orders may incur an additional 18% service fee.

service charge?

cancellation of 24 hours notice is required on all orders or full fee will be charged. there will be a charge for any lost or damaged equipment for the full amount of purchasing a replacement. A service charge of 18% of total food and beverages served will be added to an event of more than 100 people in addition to applicable sales tax.


where is gourmet lunch catering located?

we are located on 261N 2nd Street in san jose, ca.


are all gourmet lunch foods organic?

whenever possible, we source organic ingredients from local farmers who are committed to growing food sustainably.


allergy warning

some of our products do include nuts and all of our food is prepared in an area where nuts are used.


do you have nutritional information for the items on your lunch menu?

not quite yet. however, we plan to provide this information to you soon.

do you have a new sandwich, wrap or salad idea?

if you have other great sandwich ideas or recipes you want to share please let me know, i am willing to create whatever you would like!


did you have a question this page doesn't answer?

if you need more input please drop us a line in our contact section.

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get a free dessert!

RECEIVE A FREE DESSERT WITH YOUR FIRST ORDER or Refer a new customer to us and we'll reward you with a free dessert on your next order.

just call (650) 575-0413 or email us

yeah, it's that easy.