Gourmet Lunch Catering is simply GENIUS. Since working in the peninsula area as an EA/OM in venture capital and start-ups for the past decade, GLC has been my most valuable find, yet. Hands down.

We have been spoiled with GLC's catered lunches since the beginning of 2014—four days a week. The food is consistently high-quality, organic, and incredibly fresh—but, it does not stop there. The beautiful flavors, rich colors and seemingly endless varieties of cuisine and recipes are delivered to our door, on-time and with warm smiles, every day. We started out with ~15 lunches. We are now up to 25. Of the twenty-five, we have a handful of special dietary requirements for which need to be handled with care. Don't ask me how they do it, but yet again, each dish is designed with delicious flavors and exotic ingredients—all within the requested guidelines. They even write the name of the recipient on the lunch box! Incredibly personal and sweet.

Then there’s the whole team culture boosting factor, which was a beautiful surprise! Not only is the team loving these delish-lunches (and nurturing), but they have been organically migrating to the conference rooms to dine together. From this, some of the most interesting, warmest and funniest moments have been shared.

Back to my original point…, Gourmet Lunch Catering is GENIUS. (And everyone will think you’re genius for finding them!)

Hat’s off to Nicole and her AMAZING team! Thank you for all that you do, and all you have done!

~judy manning | inscopix, inc. 06/27/2014

"Gourmet Lunch delivers fresh, healthy, creative food that is professionally presented and elicits the question "who catered this???" every time. We have used Gourmet Lunch at events from 10 to 300 people and have been extremely satisfied and will continue to use them as our preferred caterer and enjoy their delicious, healthy meals! - A customer from Hewlett Packard"

The name says it all. Gourmet Lunch serves healthy options in a wide range of cuisines that are of high quality, delicious and cost-friendly. Nicole is an absolute pleasure to work with and her focus on the customer is truly appreciated, and is especially noted in the incorporation of special orders for those with dietary restrictions. We have used Gourmet Lunch multiple times for corporate lunches and also for large-scale events, and plan to continue to work with Nicole and her team in the future
8/17/2012 Lisa M.


The entire experience far exceeded our expectations.  Nicole was kind and very professional.  The customer service was excellent and the food was AMAZING!!  We gave Nicole very little notice and she delivered a delicious lunch complete with three incredible salads, sandwiches and yummy desserts.  Oh, the food - SO good and high end. Everyone at the luncheon was raving about the food!  I especially enjoyed the ricotta lemon bars - dreamy ~
7/24/2012 Janet G. San Jose, CA


Thank goodness for Nicole!
I frequently have 3-4 days per week when I need catering for big groups of developers, which translates into me schlepping down the street to Whole Foods  and carrying sometimes 30 sandwiches and salads.

Enter Nicole and Gourmet Lunch Catering. She's saved my life. Big lunch? No problem, email Nicole. Small lunch? No problem, email Nicole. She's quick to respond, always cheerful and always reliable. I don't even feel as if I need to check on the status of my deliveries. I know she'll be there with a lovely variety of sandwiches and salads.

I give her four stars for delicious food, promptness, great response and reasonable prices. The fifth star is for presentation. I don't know how she manages to make sandwiches look fun, but as an Experience Manager at an innovation center, experience is very very important, and Nicole helps me achieve this.
6/27/2012 Lisa S. , at&t


By far, the best catering service around. Gourmet lunch Catering serves us twice a week, feeding 90+ hungry people. And, they manage to positively surprise us each time.

What is their secret?

They start with the best quality, freshest ingredients. Next, they apply their imagination and creativity and expertise to produce the best tasting portions. They know how to satisfy the meat eaters, the health oriented and the vegetarians.

Finally, the presentation: The food itself is beautiful and appetizing. Then it is delivered in nice plates, trays and bowls.

My coworkers, engineers from all over the world are emphatic - Gourmet Lunch Catering is their favorite.
2/12/2012, Yaacov T. , Palo Alto, CA


AP+I Design Mountain View employees are so lucky to have Nicole making our lunches on Monday, Tuesday, Thursdays and also for special golf events and other occasions for breakfasts. She makes the freshest food combinations for us. We have her give us the weekly menus and everyone is really excited when she arrives. Some employees are already waiting for her before her expected time. She pleases our meat eaters but also our vegan and vegetarian picky eaters as well. Believe me, it's not easy pleasing a wide variety of appetites but Nicole is a gourmet chef not a caterer.  She was born to cook! We have too many favorites to list but the Rosemary Chicken is my favorite. Her desserts are also to die for! Try the cranberry chocolate chip cookies, pure heaven! Thank you Nicole for all you do for us. You and your crew are truly the best that I have ever worked with :-)
7/31/2012 Linda L., Mountain View, CA


If I could give more than 5 stars I would.  HANDS DOWN, ONE OF THE BEST CATERING VENDORS. Everyone at the office was very satisfied with the variety of sandwiches as well as the salads.

FOOD WAS GREAT. The sandwiches tasted fresh and so were the salads, which had a nice crunch to it. Nicole does a great job taking care of her clients, she delivers great customer service.

Definitely Try Her Food!!!
corporate lunch 1/25/2012


If you want to see your co-workers smile and impress business guests....call or email Nicole.  Nicole responds immediately and will pull together a delicious menu for your lunch/event. 

Her pricing is extremely competitive, but the food quality is AMAZING.

Nicole delivers the food on time, sets up, and follows up with you to make sure everything was what you expected.  On top of excellent level of customer service, she always has a huge smile on her face and truly  enjoys what she is doing for you/your company. The food is white linen restaurant quality presented in a comfortable/casual presentation.

Simply the best!
LAURIE L., 7/22/2011


Yum.  We had a meeting at work today, and the lunch was catered from here.  It was super tasty and healthy. 

Basil, mozzarella, tomato salad, pasta salad, salad, bread with olives and walnut with proscuitto, brie  and apples (which I could not get enough of.)  Delicious sliced, cold, grilled chicken breast...and whatever the marinade that was used, all I have to say is YUM! 

We all raved about it, and if I ever have to get a lunch catered for an event, I would definitely choose this.  Healthy and wholesome, and a breath of fresh air from other average joe lunches one is used to with co-workers at meetings--  YAY!
lisa m. 10/28/2011