platter of our delicious and famous energy balls (12) - $25.00

gourmet lunch seasonal fruit salad platter - $52.50
fresh, bite size, hand-cut seasonal fruit. snacks 12-15 as a side.

Better Than Bagels Platter - $55
A variety of a dozen savory open face Sandwiches

new york-style fresh bagels served with sliced smoked salmon, herbed cream cheese, red onion and capers.

Mixed Pastry Platter - $35
A delicious assortment of 10 morning pastries made and baked fresh each day

BREAKFAST BURRITO PLATTER small (6) $42 large (12) $84
Scrambled eggs, roasted potatoes, chipotle-black beans, cheddar cheese, tomato salsa and avocado in a whole wheat tortilla. Burritos are cut in half Option: add chicken apple sausage or turkey bacon ($1.50 per burrito)

Yogurt, Fruit & Granola Platter - $55
Creamy Greek Yogurt made with lemon zest and honey, fresh seasonal berries and organic house-made granola. Serves 10.

Quiches - Traditional pastry crust filled with egg and savory ingredients. - $45
lorraine •butternut squash bacon • bacon and zucchini • Vegetable

Coffee Service $2.50 per guest
Please specify regular, decaffeinated or both. Served with half and half, sugar and stevia.
Soy milk available upon request.
Cups are provided.

Hot Mighty Leaf Tea Service $2.5o per guest

An assortment of individual tea bags served with cream, lemon and sugar.

Odwalla fresh squeezed orange juice $16.95

the menlo - $8.50
Assorted bagels, muffins, Danish, croissants & pastries served with sweet butter,
cream cheese and preserves. 

continental breakfast $12.95
Assorted Croissants, Assorted Muffins and Scones served with sweet butter, cream cheese and preserves. Seasonal Fresh Fruit Platter, Regular and Decaf Coffee/ tea

The Energy Breakfast – $14.50
Fresh Fruit Platter, Homemade Granola, Greek Jogurt with Honey, Vanilla and Lemon Zest (low fat)
Basket of Freshly Baked Scones/whole grain muffins, Coffee and tea.

The gluten free Breakfast – $15.50
Fresh Fruit Platter, Gluten free Homemade Granola, Greek Jogurt with Honey, Vanilla and Lemon Zest (low fat)
Basket of Freshly Baked Gluten free raspberry muffins, Coffee and Tea.

All selections served with seasonal fruit salad and yogurt with granola